четверг, 6 июля 2017 г.

Mustvee town has worthily presented the lake Peipus region on The Youth Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn

Mustvee town has worthily presented the lake Peipus region on The 12 Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration, which was held in Tallinn from 30 June to 2 July 2017. Mustvee was presented by the Youth Dance Group "Peipsi piigad" (The Maidens of Peipus). The cavalcade of the Peipus region capital in the procession of the celebration participants from the Freedom Square to the Song Festival Grounds was headed by the town mayor Max Kaur, who carried the town flag (photo by Raivo Vadi).  The 12 Estonian Youth Song and Dance Celebration gathered together more than 40 000 singers and dancers and over 70 000 spectators.

вторник, 6 июня 2017 г.

Mustvee city administration representatives visited Saint Petersburg to strengthen and expand cooperation between the cities

On May 3-5, 2017, the delegation of the town of Mustvee, led by Mayor Max Kaur and the Chairman of the City Council Riina Pajula visited Saint Petersburg to strengthen and expand cooperation between the cities.
On May 3, the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg welcomed the delegation of the city of Mustvee to the Mariinsky Palace.  The meeting between Alexander Khodosok, a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, and the delegation of the Estonian town of Mustvee took place in the Red Hall of the Palace. The meeting was also attended by Vatanyar Yagya, the adviser of the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, members of the Mustvee City Council Nonna Kolpakova and Lyudmilla Smirnova, as well as Mustvee city administration representative Kulno Pajula.
The town of Mustvee has strong international links with the local governments of Finland, Poland, Latvia and Pskov Oblast. It’s time to establish a friendly relationship with Saint Petersburg, in order to develop cultural and humanitarian ties, as well as share experience regarding municipal services and urban environment improvement. There has long been a basis for it. Our Prichud region has always been famous for its high-quality and environmentally-friendly agricultural and fish products that have been supplied to the markets of St. Petersburg for centuries. 
On May 4, the delegation of the town of Mustvee visited Yekateringofsky Municipal Okrug of Saint Petersburg. The delegation was welcomed by Oleg Smakotin, the Head of the Municipal Okrug. The Head of the Okrug introduced the Mustvee delegation to the cultural and economic aspects of the Okrug’s life, as well as its rich historical heritage. The delegation visited the famous Catherinehof park, new residential areas, libraries, cultural centers, museums and educational institutions of the Okrug.
The administration of the Yekateringofsky Municipal Okrug of Saint Petersburg has positively reacted to the proposal of the town of Mustvee to develop friendly ties and prepare a cooperation agreement between the municipalities. The delegation of the town of Mustvee invited the Head and a delegation of Saint Petersburg’s Yekateringofsky Municipal Okrug to visit Mustvee and sign the cooperation agreement between the municipalities.

вторник, 7 февраля 2017 г.

Successful businessman Oleg Gross visited Mustvee, capital of Peipsi area, by private helicopter

One of the richest businessman in Estonia Oleg Gross flew to Mustvee, capital of Peipsi area, by private helicopter on 6th of February, 2017. He had a meeting with Max Kaur, the Mayor of Mustvee, where they discussed development of the region. 
"Domestics financial resources are always welcomed in the country and its regions", said Max Kaur, the Mayor of Mustvee. 
One of Estonia's wealthiest businessman Oleg Gross has purchased 7-seat French helicopter Eurocopter EC 130 in 2016. According to experts, its cost may be between 2 and 4 million euros.

четверг, 19 января 2017 г.

Mustvee Town Seeks to Continue the Port Development within the Estonian-Russian Cross-Border Partnership Program

The first call for application for the Estonian-Russian cross-border partnership program 2014-2020 opened on 17 January this year. The program of the Estonian-Russian cross-border partnership promotes the cross-border cooperation between Estonia and Russia to foster social and economic development on both sides of the common border. The program of the Estonian-Russian cross-border partnership 2014-2020 is co-financed by the European Union, the Estonian Republic and the Russian Federation.   
This program of Estonia-Russia cross-border partnership continues the previous European Union program of the period 2007-2013 within the framework of the Estonian-Latvian-Russian partnership program, in the course of which Mustvee Port got ready too. Within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument – the Estonian-Latvian-Russian partnership program 2007 – 2013 – the construction of Mustvee Port was financed in the amount 1.1 m euro. Mustvee town plans also to apply for a grant via the program of the Estonian-Russian cross-border partnership program 2014-2020. 
"Within the framework of the Estonian-Latvian-Russian cooperation program 2007-2013, Mustvee Passenger Port got a modern northern berth, an up-to-date passenger terminal and a nice boat harbor. We apply for support to continue development of the biggest port on Peipus lake, for instance, to build the southern berth, within the program EST- RUS 2014-2020. In the perspective, one day Mustvee Passenger Port might become international," says a mayor of Mustvee Max Kaur.       
The total financial support in the first call of the program of the Estonian-Russian cross-border partnership 2014-2020 is 10 000 476,78 EUR.   The eligible region of the program in Estonia is the North-East, the South, the central Estonia and the North of Estonia, including Tallinn; on the Russian side – St-Petersburg, Leningradskaya oblast and Pskovskaya oblast. Entrepreneurship and development of small and middle-size businesses will be supported as well as good governing practice on the local and regional levels; environment protection, mitigation of climate changes and adapting to them. The program is aimed at projects which are clearly characterized as the cross-border partnership and which involve a minimum of 2 partners – at least one from Estonia and at least one from Russia.

понедельник, 19 декабря 2016 г.

Minister of Public Administration vistis the capital of Peipus

On December 21st 2016, Mihhail Korb – Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Estonia is visiting Mustvee, where he is going to take part in  a festive meeting of the five local authorities, which intend to join into one entity, in the culture centre of Mustvee- the capital of Peipus.
On December 21st 2016, a big rural municipality is going to be formed including Mustvee, Saare, Avinurme, Kasepää, Lohusuu and some of the villages in Torma municipality as a result of which a municipality with approximately 6000 inhabitants will be formed, and the centre of which is going to be in Mustvee. The final decisions concerning the merger of the municipalities will be made and the merger contracts will be signed in Mustvee Culture Centre. According to the Administration Reform Act, the merger contract will be delivered to the County Governor of Jõgeva County
"It is a big honour that Minister Korb - a member of the Government of the Estonian Republic is visiting our region at such a historical moment. Hopefully, the authority of the big municipality elected by people will be able to manage the local authority in the future and all problems will be solved in cooperation," said Max Kaur – Mayor of Mustvee. 
The national administration reform in Peipus region is soon accomplished and a lot of work and negotiations between the local authorities carried out during 2016 are completed. All the inhabitants of the big rural municipality could become familiar with the merger contract on the home page of the town and on the paper carrier printed out in the offices of the local authority. In addition an informative leaflet about the merger, giving an overview of the merger contract, was sent to the each mail box. November 20 - 21, 2016, there was an opinion poll carried out in all local authorities asking people’s opinion in regard to two questions: do you agree to the merger and about the name of the new big rural municipality. 
Next year, on October 15th, 2017 – the historical moment is due, when the people of Mustvee, Saare, Avinurme, Lohusuu, Kasepää can elect 21 representatives into the council of the big rural municipality.

пятница, 18 ноября 2016 г.

Municipal authorities of Mustvee met the President of the Republic of Estonia

The Mayor of Mustvee - Max Kaur and the chairperson of the municipal council Riina Pajula met with Kersti Kaljulaid – the President of the Republic of Estonia on Thursday, November 17, 2016. The meeting took place in Jõgeva county government, where the leaders of self-governments were invited to meet the president during her visit to the county. The County Governor Viktor Svjatõšev also participated in the meeting. 
"The meeting was interesting and constructive. The President was informed about the life of country people today and the progress of the administration reform. It is good to admit that the President is so active and tries to be contact with the ordinary Estonian people," said Max Kaur , the Mayor of  Mustvee.
The authorities of Mustvee gave the President souvenirs of the capital of Peipus - a book "Three stories of one of the bridges in Mustvee" about the legendary bridge in Mustvee and a souvenir plate, depicting all the five churches and the coat-of-arms of the town. The authorities of Mustvee delivered the President the invitation to visit the Peipus region and the capital of Peipus – Mustvee. 

среда, 9 ноября 2016 г.

Prichud'ye will have a new autonomy with the capital in Mustvee

In late September the negotiations between Ida-Viru County's Avinurme and Lohusuu parishes, Jõgeva County's Kasepyae and Saare parishes, as well as the city of Mustvee regarding the creation of a large new autonomy on the shore of Lake Peipus with the capital in Mustvee, which will accommodate about 6000 people have reached a conclusion. The draft agreement has already been sent for approval to the county councils.
Social support of the elderly will be increased after the merger. The overall development strategy will attract more money from Europe.

среда, 6 июля 2016 г.

The mayor of Mustvee Max Kaur has MET MEP Urmas Paet

On june 30, 2016 THE mayor of  Mustvee Max Kaur along with other heads of Jõgevamaa self - governments has MET THE MEP Urmas Paet.  Topics such as the future of the EU, refugees and presidential elections were discussed. Governor of  Jõgeva Viktor Svatõsev also participated at the meeting.
“Vast  events are taking place both in Europe and Estonia. The United Kingdom decided to “Brexit”, while we are preparing for the presidential elections. It is clear that the nations of the European Union are sending a strong signal to the European elite. People want the European Union to continue as a union for independent countries and not as a federation. Mustvee, the last bordertown of the European Union on the shores of Estonia’s eastern sea, will gladly participate in discussions where the next steps in protecting Estonia’s interests are debated.” Max Kaur noted.