понедельник, 28 марта 2016 г.

The NATO headquarters – from Brussels to London

Belgium has struggled with ceaseless shooting in the centre of Brussels for many years. The Belgian police have clearly demonstrated their complete inability to end with Islamists of Arabic descent, who live in the very heart of Brussels. It implies that the time to act has come. Such activity directly concerns Estonia. Estonia is a member of the European Union and NATO. The capital of the European Union is Brussels, and the NATO headquarters locate in Brussels. There is no time to waste anymore. I suggest that all European Union establishments should be relocated from Brussels to Strasbourg. The NATO headquarters should move from Brussels to London.By the way, the Belgian police cannot cope with Islamists of Arabic descent as the relations and friends of those Islamists work in the police. They inform their contacts about all police plots. This is not the news for Brussels residents. They have been laughing at the police helplessness long since. The police have also adopted multicultural ideas and, in proper sense of the word, shoot themselves in the foot. Thus, today we speak about hundreds victims of such policy. I sincerely feel for Brussels victims and the municipal administration of the city of Brussels.The time has come to be reasonable and realistic. A belief that people can be re-educated is typical of communists. They used to believe that people can be brought from the slave-owning system directly into the socialism. Such idea has failed miserably. The Arabic countries have been behind Europe in their cultural and social development, they are based on sinister blindness and hatred, where human life has no value. Their inhabitants bring their habits, lifestyle, mania to kill into Europe. Have a look at Palestinians who target old people, women and children in Israel. We can only oppose that by using force. The Europeans should resolutely range themselves on the side of law and order.