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Max Kaur holds the post of Mustvee mayor

Max Kaur was elected the Mayor of Mustvee on 5 December 2013 by the Mustvee City Council. This is the second time Max Kaur is elected as the Mayor of Peipus' capital Mustvee. Earlier he worked as a Counsel to the Mayor of Tallinn, a Vice-Mayor of Maardu and as a deputy of VII Tallinn City Council.

Max Kaur story

Max Kaur is an Estonian Centre Party politician. He is the current Mayor of Mustvee. Max Kaur was counsellor of the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar 2002-2005. He was Vice-mayor of Maardu 2005-2006. Max Kaur was first elected to Tallinn City Council in the Estonian local elections 2009. He was elected Mayor of Mustvee in April 2013. He was re-elected in December 2013.
He was a founder and leader of the Estonian social movement against gambling. He is an author of the idea to create a unique sculpture in the world against addictions in Tallinn.
Max Kaur studied law at Moscow International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (IIUEPS), LL.B., and economics at Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, MS in Economics. He earned his PhD in 2013 from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Max Kaur - Politican to be 3D

Den Fox: "It is common to use popular actors or pop stars as a prototype for a game 3D character but I am going to do something new and definitely fresh for me. I will use Estonian (EU) politican Max Kaur for one of my upcoming game projects. He has already given his consent and a photosession will take place soon. About 100 photos will help to make him as real as possible. I chose him not only because of his appearance that suits best for my work but also because of his individual characteristics. He always full of life and ideas and crackles with energy."
About game: “Destinies” is a place...far away from all that you know, yet as near as your own heartbeat. It is a pathway to an adventure across space and time. Your journey begins on a planet, set at the edge of a distant galaxy. Anthranella, paradise of our universe. Perhaps...or is it something very different? A great adventure begins many times with just one man.

Max Kaur: "The request of Den Fox to be the prototype for one of the major characters for this new adventure game, called Destinies, was a big surprise to me and very unusual, but, I have to say it is very pleasant. I find this proposal very interesting and am donating my help to this ambitious project. I look forward to my part in “Destinies” development, and if the participation in this project does result in any money to me, that will be donated to the local Children’s Hospital."

I have to say that computer gaming today is one of the most popular methods of intellectual entertainment in the society, as well as reading books and art movie watching. I believe that game world will have a great future and I am delighted to play a part in this delightful addition to that world, this Destinies game."

Laura Mc'Donald
 (Co-founder of Lanthra Productions and co-writer of Destinies game):
"Destinies is a game that tells a story. A story of great concepts and principals. Honor, truth and even love. There are many who have deep concerns about the level of violence in our video games? 
But there are a whole host of games that have standards, ethics and convictions. They are adventure games. When you see someone like Max? Kaur lend his support and participation to a game that tries to do more than have people shooting one another, it is a bright light for our art. When people of principal support quality arts - it is a good things for all."

FOX3D:  http://fox3d.com/news.htm