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Max Kaur story

Max Kaur is an Estonian Centre Party politician. He is the current Mayor of Mustvee. Max Kaur was counsellor of the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar 2002-2005. He was Vice-mayor of Maardu 2005-2006. Max Kaur was first elected to Tallinn City Council in the Estonian local elections 2009. He was elected Mayor of Mustvee in April 2013. He was re-elected in December 2013.
He was a founder and leader of the Estonian social movement against gambling. He is an author of the idea to create a unique sculpture in the world against addictions in Tallinn.
Max Kaur studied law at Moscow International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (IIUEPS), LL.B., and economics at Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, MS in Economics. He earned his PhD in 2013 from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

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