понедельник, 29 октября 2018 г.

Prima ballerina Larissa Kaur 77

On the 31th of October 2018, my mother, a long-time Estonian National Opera and Ballet Theater’s prima ballerina, Larissa Kaur, will be 77 years old. Prima ballerina Larissa Kaur has been dancing for more than 20 years on the stage of the Estonian theater. Her roles include the Black and White Swan in “Swan Lake”, the main part in “Sleeping Beauty”, and many other great roles. It was a happy time for the Estonian ballet. That also meant personal close acquaintances with the world-famous ballet artists to my mother, such as Rudolf Nuriev in St. Petersburg. For ten years, Larissa Kaur also danced in Astoria and in the Viru variety theatre. 
Larissa Kaur was one of the most beautiful women in Estonia in the 60's who, besides being a prima ballerina in Estonia, was also a photomodel of the largest and most popular fashion magazines in Estonia and Eastern Europe.

 She also frequently posed on the cover of our local fashion magazine “Siluett”. She was a beauty, who inspired many great painters. For example, Olev Subbi. And the journalists of that time even called my mother as Elizabeth Taylor. She was an inspiration to Georg Ots, Eri Klas, Peeter Saul, Sulev Nõmmik and Eduard Tubin. It's not just the feeling that Estonias culture’s peak was 60s and 70s, where Larissa Kaur was participating. Prima ballerinas granddaughter, my daughter Viktoria (22), is incredibly similar to her grandmother. Larissa Kaur, a long-time Estonian National Opera’s prima ballerina, occasionally consults in the field of choreography. Last time she set up the classical choreography of our young figure skaters. Congratulations, mom!