четверг, 11 апреля 2019 г.

Max Kaur was elected for Mayor of Jõhvi

Max Kaur, the former Mayor of Mustvee and current vice - mayor of Jõhvi, was elected for Mayor of Jõhvi by the Council of Jõhvi Municipality during the sitting on the 11th of April, 2019.
“Today we speak about the future of Jõhvi. We will continue building Jõhvi. Jõhvi need complete the existing large-scale projects, such as the new building for the basic school that should be finished by the end of 2021 in cooperation with the Union of Estonian Architects. I believe that the end result is the most modern and architecturally accomplished school house in Estonia. In the coming years, we will build a sizeable track and field stadium, a stadium for the basic school and the Jõhvi city park. Moreover, we aim to further develop the idea of a Jõhvi Football Centre in cooperation with the Estonian Football Association, and to renovate the building of Jõhvi railway station.
Jõhvi is not only the centre of Ida-Viru county, but also one of the four regional centres in the Estonia. Jõhvi is an important role model for Ida-Viru county as well as the whole Estonia,” found Max Kaur, the Mayor of Jõhvi.
Max Kaur has previously held the position of an Adviser to the Mayor of Tallinn, he was a member of Tallinn City Council. He has also been an vice - mayor of Maardu and spent five years working as the Mayor of Mustvee.