пятница, 29 июня 2018 г.

It's time to go to the North-Eastern Estonia!

On 26 June 2018, a rural municipality assembly in Jõhvi, a capital town of the North-Eastern Estonia, elected Martin Repinski, the Member of the Estonian Parliament, as new rural municipality elder and approved the composition of a new rural municipality government, where I, as its deputy head, was entrusted with the responsibility for addressing development and entrepreneurship. The new government coalition, which includes the Centrists, the Reform Party and the Jõhvi Our Home, has decided to jointly work hard on changing things in the self-government to leap forward in the development of Jõhvi.
Jõhvi, being the capital of the North-Eastern Estonia and the regional center, needs sustainable development. Jõhvi has always been known for its cultural identity and traditions, which need to be preserved and expanded. The new team will have to ensure a positive image and intensive development of the self-government.
The key focus is to attract new resources to Jõhvi's development through state programs, EU structural funds and private entrepreneurs' investments. More attention should be given to social issues, including more support to retirees, young families, youth and sports. We plan to improve the town park, upgrade the football stadium, build a track and field stadium and install new playgrounds. We intend, through the support to entrepreneurship, to help in creating new jobs. Together with Eesti Rautee, we will fix the railway station and its surroundings. Jõhvi has always been a town, and in this regard, I sincerely support the opinion of the most town residents to reinstate Jõhvi's status as urban municipality.