вторник, 3 октября 2017 г.

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met with the leadership of the capital of Peipus

On the 2nd of October 2017, the prime minister of the Republic of Estonia Jüri Ratas met with the governing body of Mustvee town, the mayor of Mustvee Max Kaur and the chairwoman of the city council Riina Pajula in Stenbock House. At the meeting, the Estonia´s administrative reform was discussed. The governing body of Mustvee informed the Prime Minister about a successful administrative reform in Peipus area with five municipalities: Mustvee town, Avinurme parish, Saare parish, Lohusuu parish, Kasepää parish, and in addition the Võtikvere village, decided to move forward together and formed a new, large Mustvee parish with the centre in Mustvee town. The new municipality has around 6,000 inhabitants and a territory of more than 614 square kilometers. A good example of cooperation is that the merging municipalities already successfully organized the Song and Dance Festival of the Mustvee Municipality on the 23rd of September.
The Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia, Jüri Ratas, highly appreciated the efforts of local governments and stated that the main objective of administrative reform is to improve the daily lives of local people.