вторник, 17 мая 2016 г.

The newspaper Äripäev names Max Kaur among the top managers

The newspaper Äripäev once again compiled the Estonian economic lexicon "The Estonian TOP MANAGERS 2016". I was included in the list. As a mayor of Peipus capital, of course, I am glad about the recognition. Mustvee is not a big town, but with its 500-year history, this is a good place in Estonia, unique for its bilingual population, featuring three cultures and five churches. The Estonian-Russian Border treaty as well as normalization of the economic relations with the eastern neighbor will sooner or later bring to Mustvee a passenger port terminal or customs and border control station, and give anew impact for improvement of the economic results in the town, region, Estonia and the European Union as a whole. This is all necessary in difficult times. During the administrative reform, Mustvee top managers have acted efficiently, in any circumstance the purpose is to improve the living standards of the population. Let’s act intelligently and make our lives better.