понедельник, 8 декабря 2014 г.

First-time candidate for the Riigikogu

The age of 45 is the right time for an experienced statesman to seriously begin contemplating the future, the development of the city, county and the entire country, and it is the reason why I have decided to seek election to the Riigikogu. The development of Tartu and Jõgeva counties is important to me, and as the Mayor of Mustvee, the capital of Peipsi, I know what must be done at the national level to benefit the entire region.
On 9 December 2014, I will be celebrating my 45th birthday. A year ago, on 5 December 2013, the voters of Mustvee elected me to a second term as Mayor. It is true that my 45th birthday is not an anniversary; even so, it is an important date on the road to eternity, something that everyone values and celebrates. This year also saw the completion of my postgraduate degree. According to the Bologna classification, I am now a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

I have celebrated my birthday in London, Paris, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The last few years I have celebrated my birthday in my beloved Mustvee, the capital of Peipsi.

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