пятница, 22 мая 2015 г.

British lion’s fangs come out

Parliamentary elections in Britain ended unexpectedly. The majority of political observers forecast the disappearance of conservators and liberals of the crisis period. If you followed the leading TV channels, you could probably see how politic observers explained, that polls are insignificant and Laborites are on the way to success. At the same time the studies constantly showed a small gap between Laborites and conservators. The reality was even tougher – the Workers' party has failed completely, the conservators won the hands down. The Workers' parties are not that popular anymore. And the conservators were able to assume power, because they succeeded in suppressing Scottish separatism. Furthermore, the conservators promised to organize a referendum concerning exit from EU. That’s why they were elected. ‘No to independence of Scotland, exit from the EU’ – it will evidently be the headline of the new parliament’s policy for the next five years.
But our people haven’t notice important news, namely discovery of new oilfields near London… Nonetheless, the British lion starts losing his fangs on the world arena. The generals admitted that the British army is in a deplorable state. It is not ready for a world war. The importance of Britain has reduced so much, that they do not even participate in the Ukrainian events, although they are the guarantees of Budapest memorandum that must guarantee the territorial unity of Ukraine. They have no influence in the EU. The former world leader assumed secondary position. That means that they do not retreat into itself, into its own problems. Obviously, rich Russian businessmen, that are hiding in London, and Saudi Arabian order to Muslims to vote for conservators have tipped the scale on this elections. So is the world. 

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