вторник, 2 марта 2021 г.

Gorby 90

Someone said that Reagan, Gorbachev and Mandela had the greatest influence on the events of the second half of the last century. They changed the world. Reagan has yet to receive a Nobel Prize. Socialistic Western Europe does not yet understand what this American titan is doing. Gorbachev received the Nobel Prize. He came to give the world a chance to be free.
Estonia and all of Eastern Europe did not miss this opportunity. When I was young, I still remember the times when Misha Gorbachev visited Tallinn. Our historic meeting took place near the Technical University. I was walking with my dog in the Mustamäe forest when a motorcade of large limousines flew through the pine forest towards the sixth building of the university. It was a strange situation. The roads were cleared of snow. Young pine forest Mustamäe, me with a spaniel, winter and snow, and the Kremlin dreamer is looking out of the window! In the eyes of Gorbachev, one could read a gloomy understanding that here, probably, they already live a different life than in the Soviet expanses…
2011 this great man celebrated his 80th anniversary, not in Moscow but in Albert Hall in London. Because he has long been a global man. And his guests were the whole free world.

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