воскресенье, 20 декабря 2015 г.

Max Kaur became a sponsor of the SOS Lasteküla Children's Village

At the end of the year Max Kaur, the Mayor of Mustvee, joined the ranks of the sponsors of the SOS Lasteküla Children's Village.
"Christmas is coming, and it should be a time for good deeds. We must come to the aid of children without parental care. The SOS Children's Village has chosen the right path: to form a large fund from small donations made by many people. That is why I joined the ranks of contributors of the SOS Children's Village. Let our children have a wonderful Christmas", said Max Kaur, the Mayor of Mustvee, capital of Peipus region.
Four years ago, the SOS Children's Village had 400 regular sponsors - now the number of those who make small monthly contributions to the cause of the SOS Children's Village has already exceeded 4,000. This year, the family of the SOS Children's Villages in Estonia celebrated its 20th anniversary. The idea to create the SOS Children's Villages emerged after the World War II in 1949, when the Austrian doctor Hermann Gmeiner began looking for a solution that would help war orphans and homeless children and provide them with the best possible home environment. The idea was materialised in the form of the first Children's Village in Austria, in the town of Imst. Today, the SOS Children's Villages operate in 133 countries and almost 80,000 children have found a new home full of love.

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