понедельник, 14 декабря 2015 г.

The Mayor of Mustvee Max Kaur was titled "Peipus region Person of the Year"

Continuing the tradition that started a few years ago, every year the newspaper “Chudskoye Poberezhye” names "Peipus region Person of the Year" choosing among the most active people in the local governments of our region, whose work results are obvious and become a common value. At the end of the outgoing 2015 this title was presented to the mayor of Mustvee Max Kaur.

“The Capital” of  Peipus - Mustvee city, which has a more than 500-year history, is developing today most intensively. The priority of development is tourism. Recently several new objects have been built here, i.e. a modern port building, a boat dock, one of the most beautiful bridge in the country, a lighted promenade along the beach, a sidewalk on one of the oldest street of the city – Tartu street. Not long ago a new hotel has been opened in the city, where it is possible to adequately accommodate tourists and businessmen. In Mustvee one can visit interesting museums, unique temples of different religious confessions, listen to organ music in the Lutheran church. It is also possible to enjoy the unforgettable fishing or organize romantic yachting on one of the largest lakes in Europe - the Peipus Lake.

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